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Anonymous sent: Where did u get ur lenses and what series


I answer this question all the time. Actually its located in my FAQ. But I will post it again regardless (:

Where do you get you’re contacts from?
I shop ONLY at HoneyColor
What series/color are they?
They are Max Elegance Tri-Tone Green

and GEO Bambi Apple Green

Thanks for stopping by and asking a question!

Anonymous sent: Picture of your pretty face? yes yes yes no? Yes? No no for an answer. I only take yes

What about maybe? ;)

hihowareyoubeautiful sent: Hello beautiful! ^•^ how are you? I hope you are fine! You are awesome! You a beautiful no matter what u heard! If you need to talk i always be there for you! You are perfect to me i love you xoxo •sorry for my poor english•


annitaofficial sent: Hi sweetie, where you bought your green lens? nd what the name? =^^=

I buy my lenses from and the color of the green ones is GEO Bambi Apple Green and my other green ones are Max Elegance Tri-tone Green! Hope this answered your question!

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(by Nicole da Rosa) on flickr


(by Nicole da Rosa) on flickr